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Johannesburg, 1 November 2018



Discover technology of the future at ICEE•SA 2018


There have been various predictions about the future, but one thing is certain – technology is transforming the world around us at a rapid pace. The International Consumer Electronics Expo South Africa (ICEE•SA 2018), which is being held at the Sandton Convention Centre from 7 to 9 November, provides an opportunity to discover the latest innovations in consumer electronics and make sure that you and your business are equipped to move with the times.

According to Brian David Johnson, futurist at Intel: “The size of meaningful computational intelligence is beginning to approach zero. Now, of course, batteries and all that sort of stuff are shrinking at a different rate, but still – ultimately what that says is that we can put intelligence into anything. We can put it into a chair, we can put it into a shoe, we can put it into the wall – we can essentially turn anything into a computer.

“In effect, in many areas it’ll be like you’re living inside a computer. And so, the way that you then architect that, the way that you build those systems, the way that you build the communications and the networks and the software and the services, is fundamentally different than the world that we have today, so computing becomes invisible.”  

It is hard to imagine, but the internet of things, wearables and unmanned systems – which are already a reality and will be on display at ICEE•SA – give an idea of what living inside a computer might be like, where we are completely surrounded by smart household and workplace items.

The latest cutting-edge technologies will be on display at the expo, including brand-new, quality products that will be launched in South Africa for the first time.

“ICEE•SA 2018 showcases a vision of the future and provides greater opportunity for South Africans to become part of the global technological revolution,” says expo organiser Elva Wang, project manager at Hong Kong-based DFE International.

Electronics that will be at the expo include gaming and peripherals, emerging technology, vehicle technology, family and lifestyle electronics, communication products and accessories, portable electronic products and accessories, and computer hardware, software and peripherals.

The expo travels the world and is the only one of its kind in Africa – it aims to boost technological transformation in by putting local buyers and consumers in touch with technology developers and marketers from China. The ICEE also visits the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Thailand, Iran, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Russia.

The exhibition will fill Hall 1 at the Sandton Convention Centre, with exhibitors predominantly coming from the south-eastern Chinese tech-hub of Shenzhen, which has been likened to Silicon Valley in the United States. Shenzhen is across the border from Hong Kong’s New Territories and is a fast-growing metropolis that is home to many global corporations and technology companies. 

“ICEE•SA is all about making connections and it provides the perfect opportunity for those working in the electronics and technology industries to grow and strengthen their industry networks,” says Wang.

“Local buyers will be able to meet manufacturers from China face-to-face. To ensure smooth negotiations and discussions between exhibitors and visitors, there will be translators and facilitators on-site. The quality of the products on display is of prime importance to the organisers, and exhibitors are carefully screened to ensure the ICEE offering is top-class.”

There will also be a conference about investment in the electronics market from 2 pm on 7 November.

Snacks and cold drinks will be available, and there will be exciting prize giveaways on 8 and 9 November. South Africa’s top technology micro-influencers and bloggers will be in attendance.

The expo will be open from 10am to 6pm on 7 and 8 November, and from 10am to 5pm on 9 November.

Entrance to the expo is free, but participants should pre-register on the ICEE•SA 2018 website to avoid queues at the door.

Follow the hashtag #iceeSA2018 to engage with visitors and exhibitors or to stay up to date with news and events.


About the International Consumer Electronics Expo

The International Consumer Electronics Expo (ICEE) tours the world, visiting the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Thailand, Iran, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, India and Russia. The ICEE showcases the latest cutting-edge electronics technology. The exhibitors are all manufacturers and factory owners from China’s technology hub, Shenzhen. It is organised by DFE International (Hong Kong) Co Ltd. Exhibitors are carefully selected by the organisers to ensure that only high-quality products are exhibited. The expo provides an excellent opportunity for buyers to meet suppliers of electronics.

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ICEE South Africa 2018 – at the forefront of technology


The International Consumer Electronics Expo (ICEE) South Africa 2018 showcases the latest cutting-edge technology from leading factory owners and manufacturers in China.


The expo is positioned at the forefront of technological transformation, with carefully selected top exhibitors ensuring that the products on display are newly launched and of the best quality.


So why is it important to stay ahead of technological developments?


Through digitisation, new business models are created almost daily and data is becoming one of the most valuable assets in the world. Advances in biotechnology mean that talk of the rise of “superhumans” living up to 150 years is no longer far-fetched.


Engineer and entrepreneur Craig Wing explains: “Even though the world has never moved this quickly, it will never again move so slowly.”


Staying up to date in an ever-changing world has never been more important. At ICEE South Africa 2018, there are thousands of technology products on display for just this reason: to allow consumers, retailers and technology professionals to get a valuable preview before they are released onto the South Africa market, and to negotiate and engage directly with manufacturers.


“ICEE South Africa 2018 is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to connect with some of China’s best technology suppliers,” says event organiser Elva Wang.


Among the myriad products on display is an agricultural drone, presented by Shenzhen Dingfeng Unlimited Electronics, also known as Sinochip. With an easily foldable axis and high-strength propeller, this machine is able to spray 12 hectares of land an hour with a 20-litre tank. Farmers who have experimented with agricultural drones have found that accurate spraying and efficient use of manpower can lead to increased crops and higher yields, and limit environmental damage.


Other products may not have a direct effect on profits or the environment, but have great benefits for personal safety. Tech company Livall is showing its smart urban cycling helmet, complete with smart lighting, SOS alert system, voice navigation and stereo system.


An Australian study has found that bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of serious head injury by almost 70%, but another study found that only 18% of cyclists choose to wear them. Designed with safety, convenience and fashion in mind, the smart urban helmet might just be key to increased helmet use and increased personal safety.


“Technology will unleash us to become more than just human, but allow us to become superhuman. The true role of technology isn’t about gimmicks, but allowing us to do the things you can’t even imagine,” Wang explains.


Whether it be a helmet with built-in sensors or a voice navigation system, or a drone that could force positive change and innovation in the agricultural sector, the future has never held as much promise and excitement.


Join ICEE South Africa 2018 to learn about thousands of products that are on the brink of changing the world. Come prepared to connect, to interact and to expand your horizons.