Personal electronics

MP3, MP4, Bluetooth products, wearable technology products, portable power bank, multimedia; mobile phone and accessories; computer (PC), computer peripherals; electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette accessories; electronic games, computer games, visual game system; videophones, mobile phones, satellite TV products , hi-fi equipment, infotainment; electronic watches, electronic organ; baby electronic supplies, edutainment; health & wellness, fitness; batteries, energy-saving products; automotive electronics, mobile media devices.

Audio/video products

TV, LCD TV, home theater and accessories; CD player, radio, Bluetooth speaker, sound system, high performance audio, Hi-Fi (high fidelity) equipment, sound amplification equipment, mobile media, digital radio receiver (DAB), car audio, Hi-Fi automotive multimedia, electronic digital signage advertising, digital camera, professional and non-professional cameras, camera phone; video camera, camcorder, projector; tripod, tripod head box, photographic equipment, flash and illumination, electronic umbrella lamp, all kinds of softbox & lightstrip; film, paper, ink, ink cartridge, photo and album; photography, recording and processing equipment; photographic equipment special bags and clothing.

Smart technology

3D printing and relatives; robotics; biometrics; speech recognition device; smart audio media; nanotechnology; flexible computer device.

IT Wireless and services

Voice, image, digital and mobile communication system. Radio communication technology, satellite communication technology; communication and telecommunications equipment; communication cable and optical cable transmission equipment; network products, peripherals and accessories; computer and mobile phone accessories; automatic alarm system.

Electrical components and materials

Electronic and electric components, power supply, socket, accessories for all kind of electronic consumables.

Electrical public products

Television, radio, popular music and filming, professional media; office automation and equipment; electronic information service equipment and automatic payment devices.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Unmanned helicopter, unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned multi rotor aircraft, unmanned airship, unmanned parawing, civilian UAV, commercial UAV, UAV  toys, unmanned aerial vehicle system, Unmanned aerial vehicle accessories, Unmanned aerial vehicle around.